• NOHIL Management Organises Covid-19 Training for Health Professionals

    The Management of National Orthopaedic, Igbobi, Lagos on Wednesday, 22nd April, 2020 at the Hospital Pavilion organized a training on the prevention of the coronavirus pandemic for health professionals.

    The guest speakers, Dr. Opawoye and Mrs. Niniola Williams from Infection Prevention Control (IPC) urged the participants to observe preventive measures such as hand washing with soap and water or use of hand sanitisers as well as maintain social distancing to contain the spread of the virus.

    They also advised health professionals against stigmatization of COVID-19 patients but rather, they should provide adequate care and facilitate their prompt transfer to approved isolation centres for adequate treatment.

    Speaking on the proper use of face masks, the guest speakers advised participants to ensure that medical face masks are disposed of accordingly. They also urged those using the improvised face masks to always wash and iron them before use.

    A demonstration on how to safely wear and remove the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was also carried out at the training programme.

    The programme was impactful as members of staff learnt a lot on preventive measures to combat the pandemic.